Opportunity: My Five-Minute-Friday Post on Sunday

Yes, I admit it.  I read several other Five-Minute-Friday posts before writing this one.  I wanted to see if this business was for real.  I mean, really?  Who wants to be the new kid posting some unedited, disorganized pile of thoughts while everyone else is posting prize winning literature?  Needless to say, I was not disappointed.  These girls are for real.  I was encouraged, challenged and blessed.  So, here is my first FMF post:

Opportunity is a fleeting treasure.  It is a window in time with a sure beginning and end that rarely opens a second time and if it does, it can never be identical to the first time.

Some opportunities present themselves openly as doors you can choose to walk through or not.  Others are elusive and must be sought after, chased down and seized.

Some opportunities are meant to pass us by, while others we let pass when we should step into them.

Opportunity is a fork in the road where a decision must be made to accept or not.

While the word “opportunity” generally has a positive connotation, I think opportunities can be governed by the “good, better, best” principal.  Many times I take good and better opportunities and then have no room in my life when the best ones come along.  Obviously, the best opportunities are those that can have eternal, kingdom impact.

If I know my purpose and my calling, then I should choose opportunities that advance me in those.  I should not take an opportunity that would be a distraction from my purpose.

An opportunity taken by one is, many times, that opportunity taken from another person.  An opportunity that might be just a distraction for me could further the purpose of another.

This year will be full of opportunities.  My OneWord for 2013 is obedience.  I pray that I will be obedient to God in choosing my opportunities.


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3 thoughts on “Opportunity: My Five-Minute-Friday Post on Sunday

  1. Stephanie

    I’m not the only one who posted on Sunday!!

    What a great first entry into the FMF fun. I’m looking forward to reading more and to learning about how God uses your OneWord this year.

  2. Amy Tilson

    Oh so good! Glad you jumped in the waters to swim with us. You covered so many of the ideas that just started to come into my head well after my five minutes was done. I’m particularly struck by the idea that taking a good opportunity for me may take away a best opportunity for someone else. Glad we linked up beside each other. Please join again next week!


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