My OneWord365 of 2013

So, I really thought I had my “OneWord” for 2013 nailed down.  I was sure of it.  I had been studying holiness for months. It just made sense.  The blog posts were practically written in my bible study journals.

Holiness is one of those words that most people shy away from.  It is not even discussed in most circles.

I wanted a word like that.  I wanted a new word, an original word; something that no one had used before.  I wanted to share all that God had shared with me over the last few months.

Perhaps it is my pride, wanting God to let me write about something that most others will not.  Maybe I wanted to be confrontational and wanted the brain stretching argument that comes with zealous discussion.

I wanted a Greek or Hebrew word; something that would demonstrate my “nerdyness.”

Well, that didn’t work out.

Just a week or so ago, this annoyingly common word started popping up all over the place.  Coincidence, I hoped.

It flooded my twitter feed and was all over facebook.  It was as if the word was following me, nagging me and chasing me down.  I surely didn’t want that word.  Many a blogger had used that word before.  It was not original.  Surely that was not my word.

I admit it.  At the heart of my avoidance of the word was an even deeper issue.  I don’t like the word or the lessons it is bound to teach.  It would make me look hard and deep at my life; at all of the little things I do that make up my day.

Beyond all of this, I knew that I felt that gentle nudge in my spirit.  I heard the whisper.  This was my word.


After accepting my fate, I looked it up…the Hebrew, of course :) and there it was: “shama – to hear, listen, obey” a form of the same word that we have been studying for months now as we have learned the Hebrew Shema.  We have taken it into our hearts; the word “shema,” as listen or hear as we have been learning the Hebrew language in our homeschool.  Now, here is shama – obedience or obey.

In an instant I knew that I really did not know.  I had not fully grasped what was set before me.

So here it is, a year to sit at His feet and soak up “obedience,” my OneWord365 for 2013.

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4 thoughts on “My OneWord365 of 2013

  1. Melissa

    From one Melissa to another, may God bless you with joy as you pursue obedience. I know that obedience is hard on our flesh but so good for our spirit.

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  3. Heather

    Obedience is an amazing word for 2013! I thought about different words that I could use, and really could not come up with one word. So, instead, I decided change would be my word for the year. There are so many things that I want to change about my life, and I need to start doing the actual change instead of just thinking about the change :-) You can read more about that here


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